Are you homebound, in a healthcare facility, or know of someone who is? St. John XXIII Human Concerns committee is reaching out to our parishioners and fellow Catholics to identify those who are now homebound so we can include them in our prayers and offer short-term outreach during Christmas and Easter seasons. Our parish community makes a special visit and delivers a holiday plant to our parishioners who are homebound or living in a healthcare facility and who are unable to leave their homes. This simple act of charity means so much to our homebound who need our friendship and support. Who are considered Homebound? Persons 18 years of age and older who cannot leave their home environment without assistance are considered homebound. Many of our homebound have been lifelong members of our parish and have served our Lord faithfully for years. They long to be with their Church family. We need to remind them that they continue to be an important part of our faith community.

Please let us know if you are homebound and would be interested in registering for our upcoming holiday plant delivery which is held on the third weekend in December. Please also
alert us if there is anyone in your family, a friend, or a neighbor who are homebound St John XXIII parishioners and you think would be interested in receiving a holiday plant. Please include
those in nursing facilities or other care facilities. Due to privacy laws, hospitals and other healthcare institutions cannot notify us when someone is in the hospital, even if they indicate they are a member of the parish. The only way we can know is if a family member or friend notifies us directly. Registering is easy, please call or text, Jenny Graham at 262-617-0137 or email
by December 4th. Leave your name, address, healthcare facility name (if applies) and phone number. Let us know whether you want a plant and/or visit.

Thank you,
Human Concerns Committee