St. Mary’s Concrete Work


Following many months of planning and review, we have finally arranged to have significant concrete replacement work done at our St. Mary’s Church site beginning on Monday, August 29. This project will involve replacing the entryway stairs and handicap ramp, the concrete at the base of the stairs and ramp, and the sidewalks leading to it. The semi-circle drive-through needs replacement as well, but that work is being deferred until next year.

Given this work, there will be no access to St. Mary’s Church from August 29 to at least September 12 (two weeks). Consequently, the following regularly scheduled services at that site will be held at our St. Peter of Alcantara Church site instead: Sunday 10:30 AM Mass, Wednesday 8:00 AM Rosary, and 8:30 Mass. Since St. John XXIII Catholic School will be in session, there will be no Eucharistic Adoration or Benediction on August 31 or September 7.

Hopefully, conditions will be such that at least the entryway concrete work will be completed by September 12, enabling us to resume our usual St. Mary’s Church services thereafter. If, however, we run into construction delays, we will be sure to communicate further schedule changes accordingly. Therefore, in the words of former St. Mary’s Pastor Fr. Tom, stay tuned!