St. Mary’s Cemeteries

St. John XXIII Parish has three cemeteries, all serve as the final resting places for both members and non-members of our community. Only two are actively in use. For more information regarding these sites see below.

To purchase a lot, contact: Steve Ziebell, Cemetery Sexton at 262-707-1465 OR email.



Old St. Mary’s Cemetery

Port Washington Sites

On January 25, 1854 St. Mary’s organized a cemetery association. Land was purchased on February 15, 1854 for the cemetery at what is now the west end of Dodge Street bordering on Webster Street. This cemetery served the members of St. Stephen’s & St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Congregations. In 1876 the small brick chapel was erected in the cemetery, this serves as a final resting place for Fr. Sailer & Fr. Bermadinger.

“New” St. Mary’s Cemetery

Port Washington Sites

On January 29, 1901 the parish purchased 13.5 acres of land located in the Beutel Subdivision in the Town of Port Washington to develop the “new” St. Mary’s Cemetery. Burials began taking place shortly after. The land and grounds were not improved until 1929. The new chapel was built in 1966. The Outdoor mausoleum was added in 1983 and the columbarium was built in 2002. A new Columbarium/Osuarium was built in 2022.

St. Mary’s Cemetery

Saukville Site

On April 10, 1911, Theresa Bell donated the land to the parish. This land was originally farm land. It is located on Main Street behind Union Cemetery.

Frequently Asked Questions

About our Port Washingtons Cemetery

Where are the open grave sites located?

All the open grave sites are located in the southwest part of the property near the new columbarium. Contact the Sexton for more details.

Is a headstone required?

No headstone is required.

When does a headstone need to be installed?

A headstone can be installed before or after burial at anytime.

Are there limits to the size of the headstone?

Headstone on a single grave are limited to a 42” cement foundation and 36” stone. Headstones on doble lots can be up to 60″ base. There are no rules as far as height of stone.

What is the cost of the graves?

Graves are priced at 850.00. Full Burial open/close cost is 700.00, Cremains open/close cost is 350.00, and Double urn open/close cost is 500.00 (weekend and winter fees are additional). Ossuarium prices range from $2500 – $3600. Please contact the sexton for more details.

How many people can be buried on each grave?

Each grave can accommodate one full burial or one full burial and one cremains or 2 cremains. 2 full burials would require the purchase of 2 graves.

Cemetery Rules

Visiting Hours – sunrise to sunset

Landscaping and Decorations

  1. Planting of flowers and other decorations is limited to the area directly in front of the monument and no more than 12 inches in front of the monument.
  2. Recommended that plantings have a solid border in front to avoid accidental hitting with trimmers(wood, block, and plastic borders, are good materials – no open fencing)
  3. No trees, bushes, or shrubs are allowed to be planted without the written approval of the cemetery.
  4. The cemetery may trim, prune or remove any plantings as it deems necessary. If over time plantings overgrow and cover the name on the stone they will be trimmed back or removed.
  5. No other ground structure is allowed without the permission of the cemetery.
  6. Decorations in mausoleum and columbarium sections are only allowed in assigned areas. Nothing is allowed next to the building or affixed on the crypt or niche.
  7. All plantings and decorations will be removed if they have deteriorated, discolored, or distract from the appearance of the cemetery. All seasonal decorations such as Christmas wreaths etc. not removed by the owners will be discarded May 1st.
  8. If grave sites are overgrown with weeds or plants or not kept up by owners or family the cemetery may trim the area involved so as not to distract from the beauty of the cemetery.
  9. If you find garbage you would be welcome to dispose of it in the garbage cans.
  10. Pets must be on leashes and are allowed along roadways only. Dogs are not allowed in grave areas. Please clean up your animal waste. That is the responsibility of the pet owner, NOT the cemetery grounds personnel. Please co-operate.
  11. The St. Mary’s Cemetery Association welcomes you to its beautiful properties and in partnership with lot owners, we can continue to enhance its beauty for generations to come.

Thank you for your cooperation – The St. Mary’s Cemetery Association