Pastoral Council Minutes

During the recent meeting, the topic of enhancing the transparency of information within the Parish was a key focus. It was agreed that the approved minutes of the Pastoral Council meetings would be made available to the community. These minutes are published here on the Parish website. In order to respect privacy concerns, members will be identified using their first name and last initial only. Additionally, sensitive information such as email addresses and phone numbers will not be included unless explicitly permitted by the respective member.


By implementing these measures, the Parish aims to foster greater openness and engagement among its members by providing them with access to important information discussed during Pastoral Council meetings. This initiative not only promotes transparency but also ensures that privacy considerations are carefully taken into account. By utilizing various platforms such as the Parish website, newsletter, and bulletin, the Parish is making strides toward enhancing communication and inclusivity within the community. It is hoped that these efforts will encourage active participation and involvement from all members, ultimately strengthening the bond within the Parish.