Congratulations on your engagement and your decision to celebrate your upcoming Marriage with the parish community of St. John XXIII.

  • Arrangements and preparation must be made at least six months in advance, though you are encouraged to contact our priests at least one year prior to a requested date.
  • Those requesting marriage must be registered, practicing, contributing members of St. John XXIII Congregation if you are not, we will need permission from your current Parish.
  • For Marriage information for St. John XXIII Congregation please call parish office at 262-284-4266.
  • Check out our Church Guidelines.

Fill out our online Form to start the process.

Congratulations on your Engagement!

What to Expect!

Some of our most asked questions, If you can’t find your answer please contact us.

What wedding service options are available?

The Catholic Church provides two wedding services: One – the marriage rite within the eucharist Two – the marriage rite within a liturgical service, composed mostly of a scripture service. Both are equally valid and beautiful. Your priest/deacon will provide you with booklets which will be helpful in choosing prayers and scriptures.

What are the fees?

The Church charges $150.00. If you are financial unable to pay this please speak with the priest. This is needed to set the date. $225.00 is the fee for the musician. Please see the Wedding Music planning for additional resources and for more information.

How many pews are in the church?

50 pews in the center aisle (25 on each side) at St. Mary’s church. 30 pews in the center aisle (15 on each side) at Immaculate Conception Church. 18 pews in the center aisle (9 on each side) at St. Peter of Alcantara Church. Please do not use tape on the pews, use pew clips.