Finnegan’s Discernment Journal

I apologize for the delay in writing to you all! I have been caught up in work, but even more so, in the immense goodness of our God!

One blessing I’ve noticed in my life as a seminarian is the familiarity I am afforded with Priests. Seminarians get to interact frequently with them through communal meals, daily liturgies, informal conversations in the hallway, formation meetings, etc…
This closeness to our spiritual fathers is amazing because of the reality of the Priest’s identity. Jesus Christ has chosen ordinary men and raised them to partake in the divine office of his High Priesthood. They certainly act in the person of Christ when they celebrate the Mass or forgive sins in Confession; however, we can also get glimpses of Christ through ordinary interactions with good Priests.
Words cannot express the tremendous honor that I’ve received in being called thus far. It’s important to remember that Christ calls me because He is good, and not because of any good I’ve done on my part.
“Every good and perfect gift comes from” – James 1:17
Thank you SJ23! Know of my prayers,