Finnegan’s Discernment Journal – A Happy Feast of the Epiphany to you, St. John XXIII!

I’ve just come out of a five-day silent retreat. The silence manifested both externally and internally. External silence meant taking a break from media and talking. Internal silence was fostered by increased prayer time before the Blessed Sacrament, conferences with a very intellectual Priest, meditation on the Word of God, and listening to Jesus. Seminarians and Priests are expected to do a retreat annually to aid them in their lifelong journey of formation after Jesus Christ. Jesus himself retreated into the wilderness for prayer and quiet time with our heavenly Father. He does so prior to the start of his public ministry(Luke 4:1-15), after strenuous work(Luke 5:15-16), and before the trials of his passion and death(Mark 14:32-42). Even if our busy lives don’t allow for long retreats, everyone’s relationship with God demands some dedication to silence. We certainly must give time to simply listen and commune with our God in prayer. It’s also invaluable to moderate the noise in our lives that comes from television, social media, and music so that we can more clearly think and hear God.
It was great to be back at St. John XXIII for my short Christmas break, and I look forward to returning in the Spring!
St. John XXIII, Pray for us!
Finnegan Ritter