Maureen Rotramel

When Maureen was hired 20 years ago, her position was to oversee the formation of students from 7th grade to high school including organizing College Connections. Today, Maureen oversees the entire Department of Faith Formation and Pastoral Care. It’s a big job with a lot of moving parts.

With almost 1200 families in our parish, there is always something to do. Their ministry begins with parents interested in having their new babies baptized, to walking with members at the end of life. Faith Formation touches every one of St. John XXIII members.

Maureen oversees a tiny but mighty team of five; Dawn Goodno, Associate Director of Faith Formation and Pastoral Care; Katie Rutz, Pastoral Care Coordinator, Barb Roob, Child Ministry Assistant, Carrie Ehrlich Youth Ministry Assistant. And new to Maureen’s team, Lesa Staehler, who accepted the Associate Director of Faith Formation and Pastoral Care position. Not to be missed are the many faithful volunteers.

Almost every evening of the week and weekends Maureen and her team are busy guiding our parish families in their journey of faith formation. Events, education, training, fundraising and so much more! There is never a dull moment!

When Maureen has two seconds to catch her breath, she shares her time with her husband, John, and their new furry companion, Daisy.